Janja Prokić: Talks from Kampa

23. 4. 2024

Kampa is Janja's love and since last year she has become even more connected to it thanks to her shop and gallery. Which are her favourite spots and how does she experience spring here, when the whole island on the Vltava River is blooming with new beginnings?


"I love spring! I love this season when I can smell the earth, how it is ready to give energy to the trees and flowers so that they all bloom into their beauty! I almost feel like I can touch that energy..."


"I love it in nature, and what I love about Kampa is that it's such a small piece of nature, manicured but still alive. It's right around the corner and I can pop in anytime and recharge and even get some peace."


"Ever since high school, which I used to have around the corner, I've loved the little park across the footbridge from the main Kampa. You can avoid the hustle and bustle of the main part of the park and find peace and listen to the birds. Since the 80s there is a statue of Jaroslav Horejc "the girl with the amphora" which has always fascinated me! It is carved out of marble according to the original bronze cast from the late 1930s. I like to sit in the grass near it. Drink coffee or read a book. At the moment I'm reading books about ancient Rome, its mythology and art."


"Everything is booming on Kampa right now and I am finishing the extension of the Mitmem collection, based on the symbol of the delicate meadow flower. I'm so excited to unveil the new pieces soon - for May Day, a time of love!"