The new Orin collection works with the symbolism of the snake. It doesn't have highly developed senses and relies solely on vibrations. The snake is mostly calm and motionless. It carefully considers whether it's worth expending energy and strength on the right impulse, even if there have been similar situations a hundred times before that weren't worth it. Therefore, it must be very wise and connected to its inner self. The snake is also inseparably linked to the earth and soil, it tills and fertilizes it, and is also associated with fertility. It holds great significance in healing and is an iconic symbol in Western medicine, depicted on the staff of Aesculapius. Its venom can be a remedy in the right quantity. Some see strength in it, while others fear it. The snake is a symbol of both death and rebirth. The collection's name is derived from the necklace worn by the hero Atreyu in the movie "The NeverEnding Story." The amulet with intertwined snakes gave him strength and courage on his journey.

"In the snake, what fascinates me is that it doesn't have highly developed senses. It relies solely on vibrations. It's a creature that leads its life based on what it perceives. When I transfer its characteristics to humans, it's about gathering one's own strength from within. It's about awakening the primal power that we all possess, but only a few utilize, as František Drtikol writes about in my favorite book, 'The Almighty Serpent Power,'" explains the designer.