Sadalsuud Love

Janja Prokić created a collection of wedding and engagement rings with the Sadalsuud star. The name of the brightest star in the Aquarius constellation means “the happiest”, and thus symbolizes a couple in the period of their greatest love. The central element of engagement rings is a star symbolizing the chosen woman as the only star for her husband. Wedding rings fit together, and each couple can use gems to remember important moments of their marriage, such as a birth of a child. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold rings are available in the online store and in the design studio.
The Sadalsuud collection has been extended and includes engagement and wedding rings. The first engagement ring contains a central star, which is held by two comets, just as a man holds the chosen woman, his star, with his arms. The smaller engagement ring with three stars refers to the jewelry that was worn by our grandmothers. There is a heart at the bottom of each ring that symbolizes wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve. It will always remind you of the expression of love and the moment of the proposal.

Simple wedding rings have optional thickness and are based on a star combination. There are two gems in the rings, because the family consists of a couple. In the future, it is possible to add other gems that will remind of children or important anniversaries and events of a marriage. Janja Prokić explains: “Women often and gladly talk about their relationships, so I placed the gems outside the ring so that they are visible. The men's ring has both stones and hearts along the inner perimeter, because men usually do not share their feelings with others.” The men's and women's rings fit together, proving the connection for a lifetime.

The collection is made of yellow, white and rose gold and is complemented by sapphires and diamonds. Blue sapphire and pink sapphire refer to a match made in heaven, diamond is like a glitter of stars and shows the lasting value of a relationship.