Vladimíra Fremuthová: The philosophy of life diversity

17. 1. 2024

Vladimíra Fremuthová stands behind the brand of Meadows scented candles, which function as an invitation to balance. The eyes are soothed by the flickering flame, the nose inhales the delightful scent of a blend of essential oils, and the soul dances. Vladimíra Fremuthová perceives candles as an essential way to make each day better.


We are at the beginning of a new year. Is this a period when you take stock, or do you prefer to look ahead?

I take stock. Every year, I write a list of experiences - places I've visited, distances I've run, books I've read, things I've seen, and professional achievements. It's incredibly positive to look back and realize all that. We often tend not to praise ourselves or fail to notice what we've accomplished in the flow of days. Generally, we have a tendency to underestimate ourselves and see things in a more negative light. It's becoming increasingly important in today's world.


How often do you light candles at home?

Before I started making candles myself, I used to be frugal with them, delaying the joy until I finally lit them for the first time. That, too, is part of the story. But now, candles are almost always burning in my home. I enjoy the flickering flame, and I burn a lot of classic candles in a cream color, placed in transparent candle holders in various places around the apartment. Right now, the Winter Delight maxi candle, created in collaboration between Meadows and Nespresso, is filling the air with its fragrance. I've always liked subdued lighting. I don't use the central light too much. I find it more suitable to illuminate with low-set lamps as the day progresses towards evening, evoking the sunset. It's also beneficial for better sleep. I like how the space can be shaped with lighting. Sometimes during dinner, we only light a small lamp on the table; we enjoy those black moments. I like it when evenings are shaped by light, whether it's candles or small lamps. The flame of a candle, in addition, brings a sense of warmth and is emotionally associated with calmness and pleasant moments.



What else is a guarantee of pleasant moments for you?
Traveling, that's my true heart's affair. If I weren't doing what I do, I might as well be a professional traveler. It's my passion. I enjoy day trips and extended weekends; I prefer more shorter vacations over fewer longer ones. My range of interests is broad, from ordinary places to less frequented ones. I enjoy diversity. Even within one vacation, I like changing locations. It has probably never happened that we went for a week and stayed in one place the whole time.



Mountains or the sea?

Probably the mountains. They re-entered my life a few years ago. I say 're-entered' because when I was little, I wasn't particularly fond of mountains—perhaps because my dad was a mountaineer and often took us to the mountains, but usually to the same places. That was a stumbling block for me; I love diversity in travel, in life, in food, and in sports. Ironically, ferratas are now a great passion of mine. It's adrenaline, and the views are a reward! It's breathtaking. I surprised myself in this regard; I don't usually seek out heights. But on ferratas, I function without fear. Moreover, in such moments, I realize how powerful and healing nature can be.


Where are you planning to go this year?

This year, we have a big trip ahead, a gift from my husband for our twentieth wedding anniversary. The whole family will go to Japan. Each of us is already making plans for what we'd like to explore in Japan. Among other things, I have my eye on an island where they produce unique traditional incense sticks.



When it comes to travels, are you more of a planner, or do you leave room for exploration and spontaneity?

I'm an extreme planner. I'm not very inclined towards spontaneous trips. I know where we'll go for lunch, where for dinner, what we should see, which landmarks, which museum. We usually have tickets bought in advance, as well as a table reservation. Perhaps it lacks the charm of discovering something on the spot, but I think in many places, it's not even possible anymore. I prefer to be prepared, and we travel with an itinerary.


Do you have any personal tips for weekend getaways?

I enjoy staying at the Monastery Garden hotel in Český Krumlov. I like the hotel with the restaurant V Bezovém Údolí in Kryštofovo Údolí in northern Bohemia. On the way there or back, you can spend a day in Liberec, take a trip to one of the lookout towers designed by the architects Mjölk, or visit the birthplace of Ferdinand Porsche in Vratislavice nad Nisou. This stop is truly motivational when you realize how far Porsche has come from there. Personally, I plan to spend more time in Poland. I recently spent a weekend in Krakow, which enchanted me. I visited the Czartoryski Museum, where there is the original Lady with an Ermine by Da Vinci. I was alone in that museum, and that was incredible.


With your brand Meadows, you bet on a single product. Were you sure?
Twelve years ago, when I founded Meadows, I knew I had to give it a try. I wanted to combine two of my joys – candles that I love and Czech glass that I admire. I didn't think about it not working out. I thought it would be a small boutique brand, so I am pleasantly surprised by where Meadows has reached today. Creating candles for the Vienna Philharmonic, collaborating with big companies and brands... It's a reward for the joy. I started small, ordering fifty pieces of containers. I didn't even have a business plan. The important thing is to persevere and stay on course. Every brand should have its direction, and sticking to it forms the DNA.


Which part of the making process do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the actual making. Working with wax is calming and fulfilling, requiring a different type of concentration. I also enjoy the marketing part, brainstorming how to present the product in the best way.


Do you see jewelry as part of personal presentation?
Yes. Jewelry is an integral part of my outfits; I think about what jewelry to wear just as much as I do about clothing. I'm a minimalist when it comes to quantity; I prefer wearing one statement piece rather than several small ones. I love bracelets and often adorn myself with more noticeable ones. I also frequently wear a ring on my pinky finger. Personally, I prefer rose gold and silver.


Do you take off your jewelry or do you wear it day and night?
I like wearing it, and I like taking it off. At home, I go without jewelry, removing earrings, rings, and watches.


Which Janja's jewelry do you like to wear?
I first noticed Janja with the Flowers collection from 2012, where she beautifully captured the essence of flowers, like mistletoe. I often wear the Fox ring. I also love her large magnolias. Just wearing one such piece makes it unmissable. Original, different, unique. I enjoy how Janja can imprint her personality into her creations; that is amazing and valuable. I feel the long journey behind each piece. I'm particularly drawn to jewelry with green stones since green is my favorite color. The new snake collection enchanted me with its elegance, boldness, and sophistication.


Your style can be described as bold and sophisticated. Can taste be learned?
You can mature into it, learn from and be inspired by it, but then it might lack something, some natural lightness. Our environment, especially the one we grew up in, shapes us the most. My mom had a natural sense for creating beauty at home, and I inherited that from her.


How do you think about your home?
Home is the most fundamental place for me and my family. When my husband and I think about where to invest money, home takes the lead. We spend the most time here, whether alone, with family, or friends. For me, home is about the atmosphere, a place where I internally love being and spending time. I enjoy cooking, baking, love our shared breakfasts, long dinners, or tasting evenings with friends. I surround myself with things I love and actually use. I often buy flowers for the vase. I fulfilled my wish, and we have a fireplace – another place where I can gaze into the flames. I have a mix of various things at home, a blend of design and art. When thinking about purchases, it's more about the feeling. One of my favorite pieces is a graphic of three leaves by the artist Válka, which I found for a few hundred crowns. I look at it in my office every day, and it still brings me joy.