Sára Vondrášková, the face of the Love is in the Air collection

14. 2. 2023

On the occasion of St. Valentine's Day and arrival of spring, Janja Prokić presented the Love is in the air collection, which includes jewelry with pearls and a playful heart motif.

She chose pearls as a symbol of a long-term relationship. The more a pearl is worn, the shinier and more beautiful it becomes. So it is a kind of metaphor for a thriving relationship that flourishes with enough touch and good communication. The pearl is also a symbol of longevity.

The face of the collection is singer and performer Sára Vondrášková, who has been active on the Czech and international scene for many years. She is a singer, producer, composer and radio presenter, a self-made woman who inspires Janja. "Sára and I share a strong bond both personally and professionally. I'm fascinated by her work and the original, clearly recognizable sound that comes from inside her," says Janja.

Photo: Adriana Fialová

Makeup: Martina Routková