Sacred Heart Ring

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1Collection Last Drop puts into contrast the values of solid, stable and long-lasting relationships and those of consumerism, haste and imbalance. The motif of the last drop is materialized in ceramic objects and jewellery. “I created ceramic vessels as the principal part of this collection. They’re made of terracotta because they’re lasting, solid and bear the meaning of earthiness and grouding in contrast to porcelain, which evokes consumerist reproduction,” Janja comments on her work. “Last Drop is based on three main motifs - three vessels which have three totally different fates after being filled with the last drop. For the last drop doesn’t necessarily have to mean the absolute end,” she adds. Sacred heart is evidence of the holy child. The heart is a container everyone possesses. When the last drop arrives, it ruptures. This does not have to be the end. However, it will remain the same even after healing. There will be a visible scar.

specification Size of the sacred heart: 10 x 23 mm

The Seller informs the Buyer that due to the fact that the goods are hand made and that each individual piece is therefore an original, the ordered product may differ a little from the photograph on the e-shop.

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