We package each jewel in an individual wooden box. When delivered in Prague, the box is put in a luxurious black paper bag. When delivered outside of Prague, quality paper boxes are used. Thanks to using our own packaging, we guarantee maximum protection of the jewels delivered.

If the selected jewel or the size you request is not in stock, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at studio@janjaprokic.com. If it’s feasible, we will try to make your jewel as soon as possible.

The production of a jewel takes from 4 to 6 weeks after processing the advance payment.

It’s easy! You can find out at home. See our instructions.

Find out your ring size using a measuring strip:

1. Print out the attached file. Use the 1:1 format on your printer.
2. Cut out the strip and cut an opening on the left side.
3. Wrap the strip around your finger so that the marked sizes are on the outside of the paper.
4. Pull the end of the strip through the opening.
5. Please bear in mind that you need to pull the ring over your knuckle. Therefore, select a size which you can pull over the knuckle easily, only with a slight deformation of the paper ring.
6. The indicated size which fits in the opening of the strip shows the ring size for the measured finger.

Find out your ring size using a ring you already wear:

1. Print out the attached file. Use the 1:1 format on your printer.
2. Place the ring onto the circle so that its inner line matches with the circle on the paper.
The number inside the circle shows your ring size.

You can order a gift voucher via email at studio@janjaprokic.com.