Libena Rochová: About strong, authentic and courageous women

25. 4. 2024

Libena Rochová: About strong, authentic and courageous women Libena Rochová is characterized by high commitment and perfectionism, which is naturally imprinted on the reverse of each piece of clothing from her creative workshop. With unflinching enthusiasm, she creates unique original fashion that is not subject to mere trends or seasonality. "I don't want to sell out. I want to do things in such a way that I'm still free," says Liběna Rochová, for whom the core of her work is her art collections.



What gives you energy?

My work and meeting creative people energizes me. And meditation. Although I still consider myself a layman, I have been meditating for many years. Morning Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic self-massage with warm oil, also contributes to my overall well-being. It warms the skin and has a positive effect on the tissues and joints. It is beneficial both physically and spiritually. It also helps to make the day better afterwards.


What values do you follow in your life? What is important to you?

Decency and honesty. These are basic human values to be followed so that one is not ashamed of oneself. It is important to live a life of truth and love.


What kind of women do you admire?

I like women who are strong, courageous and have character. Women who don't give in to fashion. Intelligent. With their feet on the ground. I recently read a fantastic book called Upward Blows about Klara Kolouchová, the climber. She's great, and she's a great heroine. She has two young children, but she climbs eight-thousanders anyway because she can't help but know she might not come back from such an adventure. I had to stop reading at one point and wondered where the line of courage and responsibility was.


Do you have a piece of jewelry, a talisman?

Yes, I have an important diamond ring. When my mother was very ill, I was very negative and sad. One day during this period I went out of school during lunch break, I went to buy a juice. On the way, I looked in the window of an antique shop where a beautiful piece of jewellery was on display. I walked in, even though usually antiques leave me cold, I put the ring on and knew it was mine. I had to buy it. This ring has tremendous symbolism for me. And I have another important piece of jewelry. It's by Janja Prokić, which was part of her thesis. It looks like a boxer, it's got a lot of power in it. I know she has precious symbolism in every collection, and I'm happy to be able to guard some of that great creation. I enjoy it, even though I'm a minimalist.


What do you enjoy about Janji jewellery?

I love her jewellery for its animalistic and genuine quality and its great authenticity. There's a boldness and fearlessness to them. As Janja is, so is her jewellery.


What's the point of fashion? How do you feel about fashion?

If fashion is a profession, it should be taken seriously. But otherwise fashion is a game, it's also a wonderful reflection of the times. Fashion belongs to the sophistication of man. In the Czech Republic we say fashion, but it can also be a new glass, the term fashion is better. It means to dress well, which doesn't mean expensive or designer, but stylish. The perception of fashion is part of a person's culture.


What are you up to? What are you looking forward to?

I bought two paintings by Lukáš Musil, and by coincidence I found very similar fabric structures at the textile artist Eva Jandíková. So now I'm working on a summer collection based on them. And also, as every year, I am preparing the Mišmaš collection, in which I am processing leftover fabrics. I clean the workshop, and I create.