Hidden Place

Heart Ring

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1+1The most secret world, so huge that it touches all galaxies, through endless chakras and rabbit holes, sea currents and the wild playfulness of typhoons, is that of childhood. The concept of the Hidden Place collection stems from the human need to search for a place where one belongs, to search for one’s own child-mind and its hidden places which might help answer this question. “I began to think about how I left the world of childhood for that of adults and the collection represents my effort to stay in the world of my childhood a little longer only to find out that at the end of my work I actually don’t ever want to leave it,” confesses Janja Prokić when asked to explain what inspired the exploration of her own hidden places.

specification The Seller informs the Buyer that due to the fact that the goods are hand made and that each individual piece is therefore an original, the ordered product may differ a little from the photograph on the e-shop.
sterling silver Ag (925/1000)

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