Grail Ring

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The Grail mini-collection was created as Janja Prokić’s personal statement: “The main idea behind all this is that we all should come clean every once in a while and seek the truth,” says Janja about the set of two rings. “They are in the shape of a chalice ... or a cup. And because this is not an easy task, the ring contains a white coral ball which protects us from black magic,” she adds. White coral cleanses us of heavy, dark and tangled thoughts, protects the body and the mind from black magic and brings light to life. Because it is not a stone, but a skeletal remnant of a living sea organism, it is said to be endowed with the power of the oceans. The rings are made in two sizes, small and large. They carry their heart symbolism over from Tibetan medicine, in which it is said that if our hearts are open, nothing bad can happen to us because they protect us. “The heart is an essential symbol for me, which materializes love, an open mind, one’s life’s path and self-development,” Janja concludes.

specification 14 carat gold and white coral 8 mm.
The Seller informs the Buyer that due to the fact that the goods are hand made and that each individual piece is therefore an original, the ordered product may differ a little from the photograph on the e-shop.
14k Au yellow (585/1000)

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