Eye Bracelet

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Homa is flying on bird wings across the Arafura Sea to Papua New Guinea. It is inspired by the culture, myths and unique natural heritage of the island, the only place in the world inhabited by the birds of paradise. These heavenly fragile creatures and their feathers symbolise untouchability and protection from above in their basal essence, in their beauty, which impresses by its depth and shields against the evil. As in other collections of the distinctive author, tradition and rituals are significant. Tribal ritual masks from Papua New Guinea were a source of inspiration for the designs. The eye is another symbol. It is a protection from evil spirits and refers to old rituals of the inhabitants of this land. Between heaven and earth, through the crowns of trees and flying of birds, in the quiet haze of ancient forests, both symbols connect. The texture of bird wings forms the eye. Moreover, the stones used in the collection are of the real colours of the wings of those unique creatures.

specification The length of the bracelet is 20 cm.

The Seller informs the Buyer that due to the fact that the goods are hand made and that each individual piece is therefore an original, the ordered product may differ a little from the photograph on the e-shop.
14k Au rose (585/1000) | emerald 2.3 mm

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