Mitmem Love

Wild flowers, delicacy and simple beauty, which they symbolize form the core of the new wedding rings by the designer Janja Prokić. The rings made of yellow, white, and rose gold are set with diamonds and match easily with one another. The third collection for future weds which Janja Prokić has created is called Mitmen Love and materializes the delicacy of a relationship.

“I wanted to capture delicacy in the rings. That’s why I chose wild flowers. As relationships they, too, are very fragile,” says Janja Prokić. The rings lack opulence and for their simplicity the designer was inspired by last year. “I think that last year we got to the phase when we truly mean the steps we take without the need for grand gestures all the time. The fact that we decide for something and stand by it is the most important,” explains Janja.